Rick Roberson – Owner

My objective is simple. I want to help you get where you need to go – whether it is your business, your church, your organization or your family. The realization of our purpose and our passion is not achieved apart from struggle and commitment. I’m not there yet, and I’m not ready to quit.  We may not all achieve greatness as defined by the world, but we all have the capacity to strive, to reach for something greater than ourselves. My aim is to help others do just that.

I have enjoyed over 25 years managing small businesses and a virtual lifetime in church and ministry leadership. My journey and my understanding of my own natural talents has prepared me to help others take a few more steps down the road toward their desired end. Solutions elude us at times but their evasion should never serve as an excuse to abandon the search. I am committed to that end and would consider it an honor to assist you along your way.

Texas A&M University, 1974
Bachelor of Science in Sociology
Psychology Minor

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

35 years as pastor, ministry leader, educator
25 years in business as a manager and executive
SYMBIS Assessment Certified Facilitator
Customer Acquisition Specialist, Digital Marketer
Independent Claims Adjuster – All Lines | Texas License #2498784