Living a Slow Death

In citing  the 2014 Stress in America survey from the American Psychological Association, a 2015 article in U.S. News & World Report revealed that “…work is the second most common source of stress among U.S. adults, just behind money,” and that “sixty percent of adults say their jobs are a somewhat significant or very significant source of stress”.

You probably didn’t need a formal report to tell you that now did you?

The price for the mounting stress level is high, both to our pocketbooks and our health.stress-costs

While the reasons for our anxiety are often varied and not always easily solved, there is one source of stress that many workers and employers can successfully address.

I was introduced to this secret in 2002 when the company I was working for enlisted a business coach to help us with our inter-office relationships and overall organizational productivity. Prior to the workshop we all took an assessment called the Kolbe Conative Index®.

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