Kolbe Conative Index®

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Create highly productive teams!

Experience improved relationships!

Reduce stress & conflict!

Backed by 35 years of scientific research and validation, the Kolbe Conative Rick_KolbeIndex® quantifies talents and strengths describing how people uniquely contribute to the problem-solving process or accomplishment of a task — how they will provide results that fit their natural design. The Kolbe Index is so objective and accurate that it meets US Government standards (EEOC) for hiring or re-assignment processes and is compliant with American Psychological Association testing. It removes guesswork from how people will perform. Skills can be taught, desires can change, but the instinctive way to succeed is hardwired into each of us.

What makes the Kolbe Conative Index® different from other assessments?

Ancient philosophers and modern psychologists share the concept of a three-part mind with separate domains for thinking, feeling, and doing. The conative, or doing, part contains the striving instincts that drive a person’s natural way of taking action, or 3 Parts of the Mindmodus operandi (M.O.).
This is the unique set of innate strengths and talents every person has which remains unchanged from birth. Everyone has an equal amount of conative energy for engaging the thinking (cognitive) and feeling (affective) parts of the mind to produce purposeful action. Mental assessments look at different parts of the human mind.

Personality Tests

…like Myers Briggs Type Indicator ® , Predictive Index ® and DiSC evaluate your affective “style”, your preferences – identifying how you FEEL and what interests you.

Cognitive Tests

…like the SAT or Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test evaluate intelligence and what you’ve learned; i.e. your knowledge and skills – identifying what you KNOW.

The Kolbe Conative Index® is the only assessment that addresses conation and identifies the instinctive talents that have been yours since birth…

…your conative hard-wiring! 

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